The Benefits of Low-E Glass

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Some of us remember growing up with windows in our homes that were a single pane of glass. During the frigid winters, you couldn’t go near the window because it was the coldest place in the house; during the summers, it was the hottest place in the house. And let’s not forget having to clean them with those dividers, which was always a weekly chore.

Technology has brought us a long way; Low-E (Emissivity) Double Insulated Windows have several functions. Not only are they good for your pocketbook, noise reduction is vastly improved and most chromium windows provide a “tinting” of the glass, making it difficult to see inside your home during the daylight hours.

All spectrums of light produce heat. We are most familiar with “visible” light, which actually represents a very small or narrow bandwidth in the spectrum. As we move up the bandwidth we come to the Ultra Violet (UV) frequency, which creates a lot of heat. UV radiation can fade your carpet, furniture and many other items in a direct line as light enters your home through your windows. Low-E windows are double-paned, chromium-plated and argon-filled to stave off the effects of UV radiation.

During the summer months, Low-E glass blocks as much as 86 percent of UV light and 96 percent of the heat generated from UV light. This assists your HVAC system cooling your home and keeps it running more efficiently, resulting in savings on your electricity bill. When the sun is in the western sky beating down on the glass, simply walk in front of the windows and notice how much hotter it is as it reflects from the windows. It is actually very noticeable. Once inside the home, open a window slightly and place the back of your hands on the inside pane and then compare that to the exterior pane. It is incredible the difference in the temperature of both panes.

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