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Shower Door and Bathtub Surround Options & Accessories

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A&E Glass Shower Door Options

Shower doors and tub enclosures come in three main types: frameless, semi-frameless and framed. Within these categories, there are two main sub-categories: sliding door enclosures and swinging door enclosures.

Shower Door Frame Options

Sliding vs. Swinging Shower Door Enclosures

Sliding Door Enclosures

Sliding glass shower doors require some type of track along the top and bottom of the door so that the door can slide using a series of wheels or rollers. Sliding door enclosures are available for frameless, semi-frameless and framed enclosures.

Swinging Door Enclosures

Swinging door enclosures open by swinging on a fixed point, and typically open outward. Swinging shower doors are available in two types: hinged doors and pivot doors.

A&E Glass Shower Door Gallery

Navigate through our shower door gallery to see different styles of shower doors and bathtub enclosures in action:
1Frameless Enclosures
2Semi-Frameless Enclosures
3Framed Enclosures

Bathtub and Shower Door Glass Options

Once you select the style of door for your new bathroom, the next step is to choose your glass. There are many ways to customize your new glass shower door to make it the way you dreamed of it.
1Heavy Glass Patterns
2Clear & Colored Glass