J.SHMIDT 500 mobile water purification system (white)

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Weight: 0 For everyone who masterfully combines changing places and daily self-care. Deep purification of tap water, protection against bacteria and long battery life when traveling. Mobile ultra-fine water filtration system in a heavy-duty Tritan copolyester housing. The filtration depth is similar to the stationary AQUAPHOR systems thanks to the carbon block with Aqualen. Microfiltration protects against bacteria without chemical bactericides. The system consumes energy optimally and provides long-term operation without recharging in any place convenient for you. Reliable protection against bacteria boiling effect Protection against bacteria is provided by a microfiltration membrane - a fine sieve with billions of pores with a size of 0.05 - 0.1 microns, which is 800 times smaller human hair. This is significantly smaller than bacteria or intestinal parasites, meaning the water is safe for children, people with allergies and the elderly, and does not require boiling. Charges like a smartphone The filter works autonomously for a long time, while the battery is easy to restore even outside the home. Charge your JS 500 right in your car, laptop or any other USB device. The micropump uses energy more efficiently than a smartphone, so the filter works autonomously for a long time. Light indication of the battery and cartridge life will inform you in advance about the need for recharging or about the approaching end of the cartridge life. Dimensions 28.0x11.7x25.3 cm Filter module included Yes For example, the addition of silver prevents their reproduction. This is the standard level of protection. If the family has children, the elderly or allergy sufferers, it is recommended to disinfect the water, that is, to completely remove microorganisms. Hollow fiber membrane filters provide increased protection against bacteria. This is a bundle of tubes with 0.1 micron pores (which is 1000 times thinner than a human hair) - bacteria and parasite eggs get stuck like in a sieve. The resulting water does not have to be boiled and can be used to prepare baby food. Absolute protection will be provided by reverse osmosis filters, which do not allow anything but water to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. increased Module resource, l 500
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    J.SHMIDT 500 mobile water purification system (white)
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