Car Window Tinting Service

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What Is Car Window Tinting?

Car window tinting is available in two forms:

  • Factory tint – windows with made with glass that has been dyed to include a tint
  • After-market tint – a film that is applied to car windows after manufacturing

At A&E Glass, we specialize in the expert application of after-market car window tinting. Like home window tinting, car window tinting or window film can help protect you and your vehicle from harmful UV rays.

Why Choose A&E Glass Car Window Tinting Service?

Interior Protection: Over time, the interior of your car will suffer from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Not only will your upholstery start to fade, but your dashboard and other surfaces will also fade, crack or warp. Blocking the most harmful rays will keep the interior of your vehicle looking great for years to come.
Added Comfort: Leaving a car parked car in the sunlight will leave you with an unbearably hot situation when you return. Leather and vinyl seats can sting bare skin, and soaring temperatures can make your vehicle feel more like a sauna. Window film reduces the heat.
Privacy & Security: It's not a great idea to advertise everything you have inside your vehicle. Dark window tinting offers a layer of privacy to keep prying eyes at bay. Plus, kids watching videos in the vehicle will enjoy glare-free entertainment, making the ride better for everyone.

Safety: Driving with the sun glaring on your face can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Window film will help prevent harsh glares from the sun in areas where your sun visor cannot reach.

Our Professional Window Tinting Application Process

Looking to tint your car windows? You’ve come to the right place. A&E Glass professionals across the country provide fast and affordable window tinting services to car owners year-round. We follow a specialized process to ensure a perfect finish every time, including these steps:
  1. Thoroughly cleaning the window interior
  2. Applying the application spray judiciously
  3. Carefully applying the film, beginning in a top corner of the window
  4. Using a squeegee to ensure a tight seal from center to edge, with no bubbles or ripples

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